Jul 17, 2015

A showroom displays innovating designs to inspire clients   VIEW PHOTOS »

Fishing for Space

Jul 09, 2015

A kitchen redesign brings aquatic tones and a new layout into a tight area   VIEW PHOTOS »

Best of Both Worlds

Jul 02, 2015

A 19th-century home ditches its dated and closed-off design for contemporary touches   VIEW PHOTOS »

Texture and Transitional Design

Jun 24, 2015

A North Carolina home exemplifies popular trends in the kitchen   VIEW PHOTOS »

The Island Look

Jun 18, 2015

A Honolulu condo takes on a contemporary appeal with a tropical slant   VIEW PHOTOS »

HGTV's 2015 Smart Home

Jun 17, 2015

An Austin, Texas home offers all the comforts of today’s tech-focused families   VIEW PHOTOS »

Let There Be Light

Jun 12, 2015

A mid-century kitchen is reimagined with modern amenities and bright design   VIEW PHOTOS »

Keeping Character

Jun 08, 2015

A 120-year-old home remodel encounters zoning restrictions and broken installations   VIEW PHOTOS »

Stylized Suburbia

May 21, 2015

One redesign invests in functional and beautiful durability   VIEW PHOTOS »

AIA Products

May 15, 2015

The show inspired both architects and designers to take their work to the next level.   VIEW PHOTOS »

Nature and Nuance

May 13, 2015

Contemporary art and a picturesque view inspire a kitchen redesign   VIEW PHOTOS »

Timeless Redesign

May 05, 2015

An update modernizes an award-winning kitchen   VIEW PHOTOS »

Crystal Cabinets Awards

May 04, 2015

This marks the 15th year the company has held the awards, where independent kitchen/bath designers are invited to compete for the three top prizes.   VIEW PHOTOS »

Inspiring Interiors

May 01, 2015

A kitchen redesign aims to enthuse its homeowner   VIEW PHOTOS »

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