Apr 14, 2014

Two islands give a kitchen flow and purpose  

Apr 07, 2014

An Italian chalet reflects its mountainous surroundings  

Mar 24, 2014

A minimalistic approach creates a clean look with a modest budget  

Mar 10, 2014

A New York kitchen becomes a contemporary entertainment space  

Mar 03, 2014

A designer creates a dream kitchen and bath with antique touches  

Feb 17, 2014

An arts-and-crafts kitchen faces color and structural challenges  

Feb 10, 2014

A kitchen rearranges into a functional space  

Jan 31, 2014

A beachfront kitchen boasts comfortable glamour  

Jan 27, 2014

A home has colorful take on the Craftsman style  

Jan 17, 2014

A Tudor-style kitchen gets a family-friendly update  

Jan 13, 2014

An awkward space opens up into a functional kitchen  

Jan 03, 2014

A lofty kitchen fits function into a small space  

Dec 16, 2013

German functionality inspires a kitchen redesign  

Nov 15, 2013

Ergonomic design integrates with modernity  

Nov 09, 2013

A dysfunctional space rearranges into a dream kitchen  

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