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Article:The Furniture Guild
The Furniture Guild April 23, 2014 The Furniture Guild has introduced its guildstone countersinks, which are designed to allow for a fully customizable vanity unit with integrated sinks. ...
2014-04-23 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:Designer Bathroom Concepts
Designer Bathroom Concepts April 23, 2014 The Decor Collection from Designer Bathroom Concepts offers an entire portfolio of bathroom amenities and accessories in 29 finishes. These ...
2014-04-23 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:MTI Baths
MTI Baths April 17, 2014 MTI Baths has captured the glamor of Paris during its fashion heyday in the late 1800s in a new series of tubs. The new oval-shaped Parisian makes a strong ...
2014-04-17 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Sterling April 15, 2014 Sterling has added a new nature-inspired design to its line of deluxe by-pass shower doors, the Birchwood pattern. This new look incorporates images of slender ...
2014-04-15 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Geberit December 17, 2009 Get a seamless look in the bath with Geberit's concealed tank and carrier system. Providing a clean modern aesthetic, the wall-mounted toilet's functional ...
2009-12-17 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:Diamond Spas
Diamond Spas December 21, 2009 Take a break and be cocooned in Diamond Spas' new Atocha soaking tub. With gently curved lines and a warm look, the tub would fit in both modern and traditionally ...
2009-12-21 - Kitchen and Bath Business
TOTO December 29, 2009 Designed to merge modernist and traditional styling, TOTO's Aimes toilet draws on the past to create a new look for the future. Offering an uncluttered aesthetic, ...
2009-12-29 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Laufen December 29, 2009 Collaborating with designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Laufen's Lb3 bathroom suite combines both contemporary and classic elements. The collection offers ...
2009-12-29 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:California Faucets
California Faucets January 01, 2010 California Faucets introduces its new collection of handheld showers, which offer a variety of practical uses, ranging from allowing users to take ...
2010-01-01 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Rapsel January 08, 2010 Rapsel's One collection, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, plays hide-and-seek in the bath. Attempting to make recognizable fixtures disappear, ...
2010-01-08 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Hansa January 11, 2010 Newly enhanced, Hansa's Colour Shower now offers flexible volume and temperature control. The fixture combines a thermostatic solution with the Hansa Twister, ...
2010-01-11 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:Safety Tubs
Safety Tubs January 13, 2010 Safety Tubs' latest model has lowered the threshold for its walk-in tubs, making it even easier for people with limited mobility to enjoy a relaxing bath. ...
2010-01-13 - Kitchen and Bath Business
MAAX January 15, 2010 Minimalist and streamlined, MAAX's Exposé walk-in shower features a dramatic mix of materials. With wood trim and curved glass, the unit is customizable and available ...
2010-01-15 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Sterling February 05, 2010 Get two for one! Sterling's Accord 32-in. combination bath/shower offers simplified installation with a minimalist aesthetic. The unit features a back wall ...
2010-02-05 - Kitchen and Bath Business

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