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Article:The Furniture Guild
The Furniture Guild April 23, 2014 The Furniture Guild has introduced its guildstone countersinks, which are designed to allow for a fully customizable vanity unit with integrated sinks. ...
2014-04-23 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:Designer Bathroom Concepts
Designer Bathroom Concepts April 23, 2014 The Decor Collection from Designer Bathroom Concepts offers an entire portfolio of bathroom amenities and accessories in 29 finishes. These ...
2014-04-23 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:MTI Baths
MTI Baths April 17, 2014 MTI Baths has captured the glamor of Paris during its fashion heyday in the late 1800s in a new series of tubs. The new oval-shaped Parisian makes a strong ...
2014-04-17 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Sterling April 15, 2014 Sterling has added a new nature-inspired design to its line of deluxe by-pass shower doors, the Birchwood pattern. This new look incorporates images of slender ...
2014-04-15 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Kallista November 19, 2012 Kallista’s four vessel sinks–Kasos, Spyros, Fei Tian Wen, and Qing Liu – represent an ongoing partnership between Kallista and designers Michael S Smith and ...
2012-11-19 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Regia September 30, 2011 Get the combination that works for you with Regia’s Niky collection of modular units for the bath. The line includes a variety of washbasin solutions, ranging ...
2011-09-30 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Duravit October 04, 2011 Duravit's new Onto bath collection by Matteo Thun looks at the idea of console on ceramic instead of ceramic on console. The line’s sink becomes the support ...
2011-10-04 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:Produits Neptune
Produits Neptune April 19, 2010 Clean lines and modern geometry characterize Produits Neptune’s new all-polymer Wish R1 bath. With a pure, contemporary look, the unit is crafted from ...
2010-04-19 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Kohler November 14, 2013 Adding to its Artist Editions collection, Kohler’s conical bell vessel with the Gilded Meadow pattern offers a delicate tranquil look for the bath. Inspired ...
2013-11-14 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Article:Artesian Sinks
Artesian Sinks June 15, 2010 Bring nature indoors with Artesian Sinks' bamboo sink. Offering a Zen-like appearance and a gently tapered rectangular shape, the unit brings warm tones ...
2010-06-15 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Fleurco May 09, 2013 Fleurco has launched two new shower bases with seats, the Alessa and Urbana. The unit’s bench can function as a seat, a stool or a footrest while showering, and ...
2013-05-09 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Eljer November 21, 2013 Eljer’s Diplomat Elite concealed trapway right-height elongated toilet brings European styling and streamlined looks to the bath. The unit’s flushing platform ...
2013-11-21 - Kitchen and Bath Business
MAAX May 31, 2012 Make a statement in the bath with MAAX’s Sax and Lounge tubs, available in four apron colors including white, aqua, platinum grey, and ruby. Offering two different ...
2012-05-31 - Kitchen and Bath Business
Geberit December 17, 2009 Get a seamless look in the bath with Geberit's concealed tank and carrier system. Providing a clean modern aesthetic, the wall-mounted toilet's functional ...
2009-12-17 - Kitchen and Bath Business

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