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GE Appliances Forms Tasty Partnership

September 27, 2013

Through an agreement with GE Appliances, Bourbon Barrel Foods, located in Louisville, Ky., has a new GE Monogram theater kitchen for product demonstrations. Founded in 1996, Bourbon Barrel Foods created a line of sauces and spices that are aged or smoked in repurposed bourbon barrels.

“The theater kitchen provides a venue for the company to better connect with customers, potential customers and the community,” said Matt Jamie, owner of Bourbon Barrel Foods. “First and foremost, we will use the kitchen for educating customers about our products — it’s a fantastic resource for us, and our new GE Monogram appliances will really help us achieve this mission.”

The downtown location in Louisville is a destination spot that will be seen by locals and tourists alike, according to Tim Matis, director of advertising, GE. “We wanted to create a unique Monogram experience with Bourbon Barrel Foods,” said Matis. “This space was designed to showcase our products in a way that offers a memorable demonstration experience.”

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