Kohler Launches “Interactive” App for iPad

June 01, 2012

Through Kohler’s new iPad app, users now have the opportunity to explore the company’s kitchen and bath products, design spaces, plan new projects, view image galleries and access customer service and showrooms.

"The Kohler app provides consumers with the ability to engage with our brand and products in a way that is convenient and relevant," said Shane Judd, director of digital marketing for Kohler. "The innovative features of this app, such as the augmented reality tools, enhance the experience and overall level of engagement for the consumer."

The app features a 360-degree virtual tour utilizing augmented reality, which allows consumers to use their iPad as a visual portal to take a tour of a kitchen or bath outfitted with new Kohler products. Using the camera features of the consumer's mobile device, the app also offers the ability to scan both Quick Response (QR) and Kohler Universal Product Codes (UPC) and provide product images and specifications.

The Sample Box feature provides a visual side-by-side comparison of fixture colors and faucet finishes, and users can also save locally any Kohler image or color combination image created. To download the Kohler for iPad App, click here.
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