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Kohler Launches E-Tailer Program

November 16, 2012

By examining studies that illustrate how brick-and-mortar retail sales are highly influenced by online shopping activity, Kohler has formed an authorized e-tailer program. The company has reviewed and authorized a select group of e-tailers who are eligible to sell its products online.

By partnering with authorized e-commerce sites, Kohler is simultaneously strengthening its online brand presence and its offline distributor relationships while also ensuring that consumers have a consistent experience with the company.

“Consumers are spending more time online researching products before purchasing,” said Shane Judd, director of digital marketing for Kohler Co. “We want to enhance the experience with Kohler during that process by ensuring that Kohler products are presented in a way that is reflective of the high quality of our brand. The Kohler Authorized E-Tailer Program is designed to reward all the stakeholders of our brand: end consumers with the best possible online experience, authorized e-tailers with the exclusive right to sell Kohler brand plumbing products online, and Kohler distributors with the opportunity to tap into this growing channel.”
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