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Noritz Unveils Sizing Calculator

November 14, 2013

Noritz America has launched a tankless water heater-sizing calculator to simplify the water heater-selection process for both homeowners and contractors. 

The “Find the Right Model for Me” calculator at is intended as the first phase in a three-step, online process designed to identify the correct Noritz tankless model for a given application. The site helps users locate a nearby professional who can make a final determination on water heater size, as well as the gas-line and venting options, before quoting the cost of the product and its installation. All users need to access the calculator is the Internet.

“Consumers, of course, come to our site for basic information on tankless technology, products and – most especially – product costs,” said Jason Fleming, marketing manager for Noritz America. “But they don’t always know where to go next for a solution and a final quote.”
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