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Fitting In

A neutral kitchen blends with an eclectic home

Kitchen Projects

Fitting In

A neutral kitchen blends with an eclectic home

Space Stealing

Taking space from the garage transforms a kitchen

Flip Flop

A kitchen and hearth room switch spots to take advantage of views

Separate but Together

A kitchen inspires a passion for cooking while being the center of the home

Staff, Storage and the Sea

A luxury vacation home accommodates an in-home chef

A Showcase View

Stunning views dictate an open-plan kitchen

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Bathroom Projects

Crazy and Calm

A designer turns her master bath into a fun sanctuary

Updating in Place

A master suite gets an update without moving the fixtures

Flying the White Flag

One bathroom redesign embraces its challenges with creative solutions

A Home to Look Forward To

The show house for the International Builder’s Show displays new trends

Contemporary Curves

A master bath addition gives busy parents a haven

His and Hers

A contemporary bath boasts luxurious organization

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Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Projects

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