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Digital Submission Instructions For Print Advertising

Ad materials are to be supplied as digital files in the preferred PDF/X-1a:2001 format. To match the color expectations of our advertisers, Emerald Expositions requires the PDF/X-1a:2001 file format and a SWOP proof for each ad submitted. Advertiser/agency accepts full responsibility for reproduction variations between the digital file and the printed image for ads submitted in non-preferred formats. Non-adherence to the preferred format may necessitate production fees. Emerald Expositions is not responsible for making corrections to supplied files. Customer-supplied digital files and SWOP proofs will be retained for up to three months following publication date and then destroyed unless otherwise requested in writing.

PDF/X-1a:2001 File Preparation

Adherence to the following guidelines in application file preparation will aid in successful file conversion:

Proofing Requirements

A SWOP certified proof is required for all color ads. Proofs must be representative of the supplied file at actual size and display a
printer's color control bar. Alternative proofing formats will be used for content only. Visit for a complete list of
current certified proofing options. When calling for spot color (Pantone) usage on press, clearly indicate such on the supplied

For More information

E-mailed ad submissions are NOT acceptable. For more information regarding these specifications or shipping address, contact Nan McDowell, Group Production Director at 770.291.5480 or

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