A New Institute Keeps It Clean in The Kitchen

April 15, 2010

Whirlpool Corporation has launched the Institute of Kitchen Science, which is dedicated to making cooking and cleaning a little bit easier and will provide tips on how best to use and clean your kitchen appliances. To kick off the new endeavor, the Institute has announced “Kitchen Clean Up Month.”

Throughout the month of April, experts from the Institute are offering tips to transform a kitchen by tackling one major appliance each week. The Institute has offered the following ideas for cleaning out the refrigerator:

•    When in doubt, throw it out. Start by clearing the refrigerator and putting contents on the counter. No idea how long that mustard has been in the fridge? Get rid of it.

•    Start scrubbing. Remove any drawers or bins, and wash them in the kitchen sink with dishwashing liquid. Wash the inside of the refrigerator with a scrub or dishcloth—don't forget to wash the compartments on the door.

•    Location, location, location. Group similar items together, such as proteins or dairy, and begin returning items to the refrigerator. Keep proteins toward the bottom of the refrigerator, since this is the coldest part in the appliance. Condiments and dressings are perfect for the door, as these items can tolerate the warm exposure. Have a deli drawer? This drawer controls temperature and humidity, so use it for deli meats and cheese.

•    Refrigerator still overcrowded? The refrigerator might just not have enough room for the entire family. A good rule of thumb is 8 cu. ft. of fresh-food storage for every two people plus an added cu. ft. for each additional person. For freezer storage, the recommendation is 4 cu. ft. for every two people plus an extra 2 cu. ft. for each additional person. Not enough space? Consider upgrading.

For additional ideas and tips for the kitchen, visit the Institute of Kitchen Science online.
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