AWD of Savannah Adopts Green Philosophy

November 10, 2011

In 2011, AWD began implementing several new objectives and goals for its Savannah, GA-based cabinet and furniture business to excel in sustainable cabinet and furniture fabrication.

By producing less waste during the building process and sourcing eco-sensitive materials, the AWD pieces can be specified for a green environment without compromising design. Most of the AWD millwork for kitchen, bath and storage is produced using recycled and regenerated wood from certified resources, as well as non-toxic laminates and technical veneers.

The company has also committed itself to sustainability from product design to zero-waste fabrication to the way cabinets and furniture are packed and shipped. The company’s workshop will reuse any materials left over from a prior project, in hidden or filler parts to reduce waste.

“Every project is calculated specifically, to ensure we are not over estimating and having to deal with waste of valuable resources,” said Harley Ashbaugh owner and founder of AWD.
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