Bath and Accessories Inventors Win Big

July 09, 2010

InventHelp's INPEX, a trade show that showcases new products and innovations, recently announced its Bath and Accessories category award winners. The inventions recognized run the gamut from concept to finished product and are judged by an international jury.

In the Bath and Accessories category, the bronze medal went to the Danyale Deshon’ DispoMat, which is a disposable and/or reusable shower mat to prevent foot contamination in public showers, is soothing to tired feet and can also be used over concrete, grass or pool areas.

The All in One bathroom dispenser by Alberto Mesa won a silver medal. It is a wall-mountable organizer for up to eight bathroom accessories and can dispense items such as liquid soap, lotion and toothpaste. The other silver medal was awarded to Daniel and Susan Pratts’ Handwash Reminder (pictured), a device mounted to the bathroom ceiling and, through the use of a prerecorded message, automatically reminds users of the importance of hand washing.

Finally, the gold was given to the Wipe and Toilet Paper dispenser invented by Roxana Londono. This device stores toilet paper and wet wipes for personal hygiene use all in a single unit.  

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