Bathing Habits Reveal U.S. Consumer Temperature Preferences

September 02, 2014

According to a recent survey commissioned by Delta Faucet, 91 percent of Americans test the water temperature of their shower or bath before getting in.

"Through consumer research, we learned about the desire for temperature readings in the bathroom that could help in conserving water and avoiding cold or hot surprises," said Paul Patton, senior research and development and regulatory manager for Delta Faucet Company.

Other key consumer findings the survey unveiled include:
  • Unwind, Relax. Relaxation is key when it comes to showering and bathing rituals. Just under half of Americans note relaxing as the most important thing after washing. 
  • Carefree Caregivers. Fifty-five percent of respondents who bathe someone else say that water temperature is their main concern. 
  • Clean & Efficient. Seventy-seven percent of Americans shower or bathe at least once per day, with 21 percent showering more than once a day. 
  • Hygiene Conundrum? Don't Take Away My Shower! Whether quick and efficient or long and relaxing, 61 percent of Americans would rather give up brushing their teeth for a week than remove showering from their daily habits. 
  • Singing in the Rain. It's not too surprising that 47 percent of Americans prefer background music while showering or bathing, but 70 percent admit to singing in the shower.
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