Best Showroom Display Award Bestowed by Victoria + Albert

October 25, 2011

Victoria + Albert recently awarded Scott Hunt from O’Connor Sales with the Victoria + Albert “Best Showroom Display" award for his Ravello Suite vignette at Fixtures Living/San Diego.

“Fixtures Living offers its customers a truly immersive, sensory experience that focuses on how they want to live, rather than what they want to buy. From the very start, their brand has possessed a unique and appealing concept to the trade and consumers alike,” said Scott Hunt, of O’Connor Sales. “They offer an entirely new way for consumers to truly actualize the visions they have for their homes. We are delighted to be partnering with them to bring continuing educational and sales support for Victoria + Albert.”    

Fixtures Living continues to expand throughout Southern California with the recent opening of a 20,000-sq.-ft. showroom prototype in Costa Mesa where visitors are invited to experience a variety products. The company opened a second showroom in Rancho Mirage in mid-2010 and its first showroom in San Diego in mid-2009.    

“Our mission is to provide an extensive, hand-culled array of best-in-class plumbing products, and we are delighted to include the Victoria + Albert brand in that offering,” said Danny Swaim, VP business development for Fixtures Living.
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