Brasstech Receives ISO 14001 Certification

January 10, 2013

Brasstech has received ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System. The certificate recognizes Brasstech’s high level of commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of operations throughout the company.

The ISO 14001 norms impose a rigid system of environmental management and procedures that requires a company’s compliance. The same procedures and standards are recognized worldwide. The application of this system, with specific targets determined for each manufacturing and business operation, creates the highest possible standards of ecological quality.

This certification was achieved by an evaluation of conformity to strict laws, plus the activation of an up-to-date management system. The commitment and engagement from all Brasstech employees has been a key factor in ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, preventing pollution, and working to reduce Brasstech’s environmental impact.

“ISO 14001 procedures make sense for Brasstech as a manufacturer (and specifically as a metal plater),” said Greg Queen, VP of operations for Brasstech. “Successful compliance with the system builds trust with our business partners while creating a means of good environmental citizenship for the company.”

Brasstech began the certification process in 2011 and will go through an external audit every 6 months to ensure the company is in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard and working towards its goal of 10 percent less energy use by the year 2015.

Pictured: Newport Brass’s Keaton Collection of faucet and bath accessories. Newport Brass is a brand of Brasstech.
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