Broan-NuTone Helps Professionals Navigate Kitchen Air Requirements

January 29, 2014

As tighter envelope construction has become the norm, the need for good indoor air quality is more important than ever. The International Residential Code and International Mechanical Code address the impact of airtight constructions on indoor air quality with the inclusion of make-up air regulations for larger-volume kitchen range hoods, which can be confusing for building professionals when selecting the best system for the job.

“As the leading ventilation solution provider for residential construction, we at Broan-NuTone believe it’s important that building professionals understand the options available for maintaining air quality,” said Brian Wellnitz, marketing manager, kitchen ventilation, Broan-NuTone. “Homes have fewer air leakage areas, and range hoods are becoming more powerful, so effective make-up air systems are more essential than ever.”

To help building professionals decipher make-up air regulations and identify appropriate solutions, Broan-NuTone conducted an online educational webinar, “Residential Kitchen Make-Up Air: Designing and Specifying Code Compliant Systems,” and developed the “Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier” tool, both of which can be found on the and websites.

The online Range Hood Make-Up Air Specifier tool helps building professionals find code-compliant solutions for make-up air. Based on factors such as geographic location, range hood type, duct characteristics, exhaust rate and home leakage rate, the online tool provides a code-compliant make-up air solution for a specific home.
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