Cambria Forms New Partnership

May 10, 2012

Cambria has joined forces with Lakeside Solid Surface Inc., in Norton Shores, MI, as part of its Cambria Lexus Partner Program.

The Cambria Lexus Partner Program was designed by Cambria to further strengthen the relationship between Cambria and its fabricator partners, as well as to provide high-quality service to the consumer. A Cambria Lexus Partner must meet specific criteria that include sales success, exceptional customer service, as well as a commitment to marketing. In return, Cambria Lexus Partners enjoy benefits from the company, such as a guaranteed market position through exclusive fabrication and distribution in their marketplace, as well as dedicated Cambria sales, marketing and training support.

“Cambria shares our dedication to elite quality and customer service,” said Rob Riegler, owner of Lakeside Solid Surface Inc. “Being welcomed into the Cambria Lexus Partner Program is an honor.”

“Lakeside Solid Surface has been proven to be a reliable partner for Cambria over the years and has worked to create a relationship based on strong principles, an honest work ethic and integrity,” said Martin Davis, Cambria president and CEO. “The Cambria Lexus Partner status strengthens our relationship and further continues to solidify Cambria’s commitment and dedication to delivering the highest quality product to our valued customers.”

Pictured: Cambria's Laneshaw (right) and Armitage (left)
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