Clayhaus Ceramics Inks Deal with modwalls

June 16, 2011

Portland-based tile maker Clayhaus Ceramics has entered into a partnership with modwalls, a web-based seller of modern tile and wall coverings. modwalls will become the distributor of "Clayhaus for modwalls," a line of Clayhaus product domestically produced for the online dealer.

"This collaboration makes perfect sense for us," said Megan Coleman, Clayhaus co-founder and director of sales and marketing. "modwalls' brand presence and market penetration fits perfectly with our customers' appreciation for mid-century architecture and modern design."

The Clayhaus for modwalls product line consists of a collection of 2-in. x 8-in. smooth glazed ceramic tiles in seven classic modwalls colors. The partnership has also introduced the Symbols collection with three colors of Plus shape tile that can be mixed and matched to create a custom ceramic tile installation.

modwalls, which was founded in 2005, stocks its offerings in order to provide faster turnaround on order fulfillment. "Our partnership with modwalls provides us an excellent means by which to service customers who want our products but for whatever reason can't wait to receive their order," said Coleman.

The Clayhaus for modwalls line is handcrafted at the Clayhaus studio in Portland, OR. Clayhaus products all contain reclaimed clay and lead-free glazes, with most glazes also containing 50 percent recycled bottle glass.
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