Dasal Architectural Lighting's LED Downlights Certified "Turtle Safe"

May 30, 2013

Dasal Architectural Lighting recently announced that two of its new outdoor LED downlights are certified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Wildlife Friendly Lighting Program. The round Aqua Amber LED and square Nemo Amber LED trims and associated housings provide "turtle-safe" lighting for properties near sensitive nesting habitats.

"Ninety percent of sea turtle nesting occurs on continental U.S. beaches, and all of these species are either threatened or endangered," said Karen Shudes, sea turtle lighting specialist at the Sea Turtle Conservancy. "We appreciate those manufacturers who work collaboratively to give property owners more options and produce the right lighting for use near critical turtle nesting sites."

Rare loggerhead, leatherback and green turtles return each year to nest on the stretch of coastline where they hatched. Bright lights nearby may discourage females from coming ashore to nest. Additionally, newly hatched sea turtles can become disoriented by manmade lighting and fail to find their way quickly to the relative safety of the sea.

Baby sea turtles have developed instincts to immediately crawl toward the lightest horizon: toward the ocean and away from the dark dunes. However, today instead of heading directly into the sea, hatchlings go toward the bright lights of homes, buildings and roadways. Those that wander in circles on the sand have a much higher risk of dying of dehydration, exhaustion or predation.

To protect the emerging hatchlings, turtle lighting ordinances along the Southeast's developed coastline mandate careful positioning and aiming of full-cutoff light fixtures. Studies show that certain light wavelengths have minimal effect on sea turtles, so long-wavelength yellow or red lighting is also required.

The round Aqua Amber LED and square Nemo Amber LED trims and associated housings from Dasal Architectural Lighting produce light exclusively in the "turtle-safe" wavelengths. These dedicated LED downlights are designed with a deeply regressed, highly directional light source to reduce glare and spill light; plus optimal thermal management to ensure performance and long life.
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