Delta Faucet Company Expands Commitment to Innovation

November 12, 2013

Delta Faucet has broadened its commitment to innovation through ongoing participation in activities aimed at supporting the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) communities and beyond.

"Thoughtful innovation is at the core of everything we do,” said Bob Rodenbeck, director of research and development, Delta Faucet Company. “From new product design and technological development to our systematic business approach, we're driven by our need to learn and our desire to uncover smart solutions in every area we touch. This methodology also translates to the way we invest our time and energy outside of our day-to-day work by aligning with organizations and events that promote this attitude in the world in which we live."

Encouraging education in areas related to science and engineering, Delta Faucet works with several universities to provide training and mentorship to students pursuing careers in STEM and design related fields. Additionally, the Delta brand was the primary sponsor of Popular Science magazine's virtual science fair in 2013, soliciting inspiring ideas from kids of all ages by asking them to explain, through essays and photos, how their idea could one day help improve the world.

Delta Faucet also participated in the World Maker Faire and Bay Area Maker Faire, which are events that celebrate the people who create, innovate, build and tinker. Delta’s research and development team was able to showcase how scientific principles, such as fluidics and capacitance, make some of the Delta and Brizo brands' most popular products work.
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