Design Awarded at Coverings

June 06, 2012

A dozen design projects from across the country were recognized at the first Coverings Installation & Design Awards. A total of $10,000 in prize money was given to winners.

The awards acknowledge the superior installation of tile or stone and how that skillfulness impacts the level of aesthetics and contributes to the interpretation of a distinctive design vision. The top awards in the competition went to RJH Tile and Stone of Holly, MI, and longtime collaborator and tile designer, David Ellison of St. Claire Shores, MI, in the residential division, while California-based Dan Upton Construction and Jeff Shelton Architect, were awarded in the commercial category. A $1,000 cash prize was presented to each of the honorees.

The project netting RJH and Ellison their win was a four-year undertaking in Walled Lake, MI. The 7,500-sq.-ft. residence was a total overhaul and redesign, and ultimately large measures of tile, stone were incorporated throughout. Stock showroom stone was given a more elegant appearance with special cuts, mitered installation and epoxied finish. Ellison also produced handmade tiles for the project.

The entry earning Upton and Shelton the award was El Andaluz, a three-story, seven-unit condominium complex that impresses with its tile artistry and resonates with Moroccan influences. Centerpiece of the site is an open courtyard where the installation of tile includes pillars and archways, stair risers and treads, benches and fountain.

To learn more about the Coverings Installation & Design Awards winners and their work click here or here.
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