Electrolux and Interior Design Reveal Kitchen Design Competition Winners

February 10, 2011

Winners were announced in the Electrolux ICON and Interior Design 2010 Kitchen Design Competition, which challenged entrants to design a kitchen for “tomorrow’s modern family.” Using Electrolux ICON appliances as inspiration, more than 40 architects, interior designers and students submitted renderings that showcased their vision for a kitchen of the future. Special recognition was awarded to the entry that featured the most ‘green’ design.

This year’s entries were judged by a panel of judges, including Cindy Allen, editor-in-chief of Interior Design; Henrik Otto, senior VP of Global Design at Electrolux; Ghislaine Viñas, of Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design;West Chin, principal architect of WCA Architecture; and Brian Messana, of Brian Messana Architect.

"This year’s contest winners showcased a unique creativity that focused on bridging and blending the indoors with the outdoors,” said Otto. “Their innovative approach to sustainability and ‘green’ issues featured inspiring concepts that were well-aligned with the Electrolux design philosophy of being the thoughtful design innovator."

The grand prize winner (pictured above and below), Milica Roycroft, a Maryland-based interior designer, submitted her “Recycled, Polyethylene, Storage System” (RPSS) kitchen concept to win first place. In addition, Roycroft’s entry was recognized for “Green Innovation” for featuring the most eco-friendly design elements. The RPSS is an ultra-flexible and functional system designed for a wide range of applications. Roycroft received a $20,000 cash prize plus a suite of Electrolux ICON appliances valued at $15,000. In addition, her winning kitchen design will be featured in the January 2011 issue of Interior Design.

“Isn’t it surprising, that in our high-tech, high-voltage world, the best design ideas are still rooted in simplicity?” said Allen. “The RPSS, the winning concept in the Electrolux ICON Kitchen Competition, is the perfect example— it’s modular, made of recycled material, easily mass-produced, and available in an array of Crayola colors— simply brilliant.”

Second-place winners, James Slade and Hayes Slade, both of Slade Architecture, and interior designer Amy Yoes were awarded $10,000 worth of Electrolux ICON appliances. The third-place winners, interior designer Lee Alice Hillman and landscape architect Jamin Pablo, were awarded $5,000 of Electrolux ICON appliances.

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