EuroChef USA Launches ILVE 9 Ways to Cook

December 31, 2012

EuroChef USA, the U.S. distributor of ILVE cooking appliances has introduced ILVE's “9 Ways to Cook” video showcasing the accessories exclusive to an ILVE range. The video can be viewed on the EuroChef website.

“Beauty is not the only thing the ILVE Range has going for it!” said Melissa Haber, EuroChef’s director of sales and marketing. “It also offers tremendous cooktop functionality. One-of-a-kind accessories enable you to cook just like the pros. The ILVE brand is well-known for its quality and innovation. The ILVE accessory collection adds another level to your in-home cooking experience.  Customization makes it suitable to any style, any kitchen and any level of cooking ability."

The "9 Ways to Cook” video features nine smart choices for cooking on an ILVE range. These accessories include the coup de feu (French top), barbecue grill, steam basin, fish burner and grate, flat griddle, wok ring, steam basin, stainless-steel bain marie basin, steak pan and rotisserie.

Multiple burners are also a significant feature of an ILVE range, offering energy efficiency with both high and low BTU output. A “tri-flame” burner offers center, outer and inner flame distribution allowing heat to be distributed via stabilized flames for more even and efficient temperatures. The ILVE range also features a large oblong fish style burner, ideal for a larger skillet, stockpot or fish pan.  Additionally, there is also a fry top cover that is placed over food to keep greases from splattering and retains heat and juices, creating the perfect cooking environment. There is also a custom-fit cutting board that inserts on the fry top for ease in cutting, chopping or trimming right on top of the cooking surface.
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