Graff Lends a Hand to Next Generation of Design Students

March 15, 2011

Graff recently strengthened its philanthropic endeavors by collaborating with a local art and design school in Madison, WI. The company has donated price books, catalogs and faucets to the Madison Area Technical College (MATC) in an effort to give students firsthand experience in the plumbing products manufacturing process.

Students enrolled in the interior design undergraduate program at MATC are required to take a kitchen and bath design class. “In our kitchen and bath class we do comprehensive projects where the students have to price out their designs and keep the project on budget using the catalogs designers would actually use. This is where the Graff catalogs and price books will be invaluable,” said Lisa Neinhaus, a full-time interior design instructor and certified kitchen and bath designer. “Having the faucets available in the school for use in projects also gives the students an opportunity to compare faucet styles and to see and feel various finishes.”
Additionally, Graff’s director of sales, Paul Greenspan, will teach a session on “Designing and Specifying Shower Systems,” which is an AIA-accredited course that he teaches to NKBA members and architects around the country. The students may also be given a tour of Graff’s factory.
“As technology continues to evolve, the more we’re able to help young designers learn about our industry, the better we all will be served,” said Jody Rosenberg, VP of sales & marketing at Graff. “We believe the statement, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally,’ and we aim to put it into action every day at Graff.”
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