Hansgrohe Awards Designers for Efficient Water Innovations

July 18, 2014

Hansgrohe’s contest for sustainable design concepts based on the topic of water has come to an end. Young designers from all over the world submitted approximately 180 concepts to win the prize money, which totaled 5,000 Euros.

“As the initiator and sponsor of the ‘Hansgrohe Award 2014: Efficient Water Design,’ we want to give young designers the opportunity to address the element of water and to present their ideas to an expert jury,” said Philippe Grohe, head of Axor at Hansgrohe SE. “This year’s submissions show interesting approaches to efficient water design. I was particularly pleased to see the large number of international submissions – these clearly show that the interplay of water and space is gaining importance with young designers from all over the world.”

The jury members were particularly impressed with two concepts, which included a 3-in-1 “Houdini” solution and the “Puro” washbasin. The winning “Houdini” concept by Christoffer Ohlander from Stockholm, Sweden, convinced the jury because it is an “incredibly compact sanitary object that combines three functions: sink, shower and bathtub.” Fabrice Hoefgen from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany, won an award with “Puro,” a washbasin for low water consumption.

The Houdini is a 3-in-1 solution that is ideal for small bathrooms. The concept includes a sink, a shower and a bathtub all rolled into one. The low material consumption and simple design make Houdini an efficient idea.

Puro is a sink whose wave-like, flat design is reminiscent of the natural movement of water. The water is controlled by a stainless steel stone placed in the center. The economical water flow is activated when the stone is lifted. At the same time, it serves as soap that neutralizes unpleasant smells and germs. The decorative perforation in the sink allows the water to drain away slowly.
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