Hansgrohe Expands to Service Larger Customer Base

December 22, 2011

Looking to the future, Hansgrohe is increasing production at its headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, to expand export distribution of its American-assembled and German-engineered products. India, Turkey, South Africa, China and Mexico are among the countries benefiting from the expanded U.S. product assortment.

“At our U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility, we are proud to offer products that combine our renowned German engineering with American assembly,” said Russ Wheeler, president of Hansgrohe North America. “With that in mind, we are focusing more on exports and recognize countries such as India and China as important markets for our continued growth. By increasing production, we can offer products previously exclusive to North America to a larger customer base, and create additional U.S. jobs. There is an immense pride in supporting and growing our U.S. workforce in this economy. This is our Hansgrohe DNA. We do not outsource our competitive ‘know how.’ We use innovation, automation and our great workforce to remain competitive in all markets. If Hansgrohe N.A. can be competitive with our products in China and India, we can certainly compete at any price point in the North American market.”

Hansgrohe’s international production strategy is to manufacture on the continents where they do business and then export product offerings that are unique to the market. This is the model the company will use for leveraging U.S. and other Hansgrohe manufacturing sites in Europe and around the world.

Pictured: Russ Wheeler (left) at an event organized by the German-American Chamber of Commerce at the New York Stock Exchange.
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