Hospitality Design Expo Trends Transfer to Residential Kitchens and Baths

By Erinn Waldo
May 27, 2014

This year’s Hospitality Design Exposition and Conference recently drew hundreds of designers, owners and manufacturers to Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. More people look to luxurious hotels for inspiration for their kitchens and baths, and the show revealed the latest in trends moving from hotels into the home. 

Customization, a familiar trend in the kitchen and bath industry, has trickled down into every facet of design. The Formica Corporation’s Envisualizer allows designers to create works of art that convert easily onto laminate (pictured above). Interstyle’s tile manufacturing offers customers the ability to create whatever glass tile design they can dream up, although linear, larger glass tile mosaics are becoming more the norm.

As shown by Duralee’s selection of textiles, these neutral colors are in keeping with fabric trends as well. A more masculine, tailored look has become popular. Fabrics are continually more comfortable and boast a high-quality feel, versus just durability.


                                                        Duralee's Wild Garden collection

Now one of the most popular choices for flooring, porcelain tile frequents both kitchens and bathrooms with its sleek look and durability. At first the tiles took the long, linear shape of hardwood flooring, but today’s trends show that sizes as large as 16 in. x 32 in. are growing in popularity in today’s homes. MODE from Interceramic had this option, as well as a fusion of limestone and stained concrete to keep with the trending gray palette.

For baths, TOTO’s appeal to the luxurious comes through its sustainable options. One new product is the LUMINIST Vessel Sink (shown below), which uses a proprietary hybrid epoxy resin with an integrated LED lighting system. Since no volatile organic compounds are released during its production, it’s both sustainable and fun.

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