Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2014 Highlighted

April 02, 2014

Architectural designer Kim Lewis recently highlighted her perspective on the top kitchen design trends for 2014 in the Prizer Hoods booth at the Architectural Digest Home Design show in New York City.

According to Lewis, the design focus for 2014 is on personalization, carving out a defined design philosophy and creating a fresh start. Color is often the first thing homeowners turn to when looking to spruce up a living area. This year, when it comes to the application of color, Lewis suggests taking an organic approach by looking to the following trends:

This year, gray is the superstar of the neutrals family. Lewis calls gray the “softer side of black.” Not to be forgotten, black continues to speak to the high-end homeowner looking for the feel of an industrial-style design.

Muted Tones
The “soft-as-a-feather” look lends itself to the color-used-sparingly theme. This pallet includes white on white, tone on tone and light, airy looks. "In this color combination, we see the backdrop as white or soft in tone, while a hierarchy or focal color becomes center stage. This is the perfect pallet to pop one color in for a dramatic visual," said Lewis. A white kitchen represents a fresh start. “This year, design is being translated into a more simplified life via white. Starting with white as a backdrop alloys for a stunning design when paired with solid surface countertops and colored appliances used as accents,” she added.

Vagabond Style:
Rich in color and heritage, this combination is inspired by lands far away and is perfect for the homeowner who appreciates color and the story it evokes. Deep Moroccan jewel tones like spicy hot pinks and rich emerald greens are popular for those who love to accentuate a neutral kitchen with pops of color. “Color is joy. These deep, rich colors show an awareness and appreciation of other cultures,” said Lewis.

Texture & Finishes
Texture is no longer limited to just kitchen textiles. Instead, texture has extended to appliances and finishes. “The luxury kitchen hood standard of stainless steel is going to be replaced by on-trend metals including copper and other metals that reflect a high-end touch without being boring or predictable,” predicted Lewis.

Unique Profiles
Expect to see shapes in the kitchen that are unique. Incorporating a uniquely shaped appliance gives a kitchen the look of being trendy without appearing abrasive.

Open Floor Plans:
With the current economy, homeowners have relocated to smaller homes with open studio-style kitchens. Homeowners need kitchens to have a cohesive design that integrates function. Looking for an option for a larger kitchen space? Mega-islands remain popular, providing an area for prepping a meal, cooking and socializing with guests.
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