How to Prep for Fall Remodeling Season

July 28, 2014

The Residential Remodeling Index indicates the strong remodeling pace will continue through the end of the year. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) University has pulled tips from its upcoming courses on how to gear up for a successful fall remodeling season.

The tips include:
  • Set Your Path with Your Business Plan. Your business plan is your road map to success – have you stayed the course or changed directions? Revisiting your plan with your team allows you to honestly analyze how your resources, communication, financials and priorities have you on track to meet your goals – and what needs to change. As a best practice, this exercise should be done quarterly.
  • Get Social. Depending on your business, strengthening your online presence through the right outlets can drive awareness, highlight your successes and give clients a platform to sing your praises. Word of mouth buzz from real customers can become your strongest advocate.
  • Maximize Manpower by Delegating. You can’t take everything on and do it effectively – this is where delegation comes in. Distributing work to your team isn’t a sign of weakness, but frees you up to manage the bigger picture, while empowering employees with more meaningful roles. But it’s not as easy as passing off tasks – colleagues need to understand the context and importance of the assignment and follow-up is key to crossing it off your list.
Check out the NKBA University’s upcoming Kitchen & Bath Business Management and Project Management courses to help prep for the busy fall remodeling season.
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