Jason International Partners with Balboa Water Group

July 27, 2012

Jason International has reached a licensing agreement with Balboa Water Group (BWG) in Tustin, CA, which allows Jason’s MicroSilk technology to be used in the spa/hot tub industry.

“Our agreement with BWG is an important step in the expansion of our MicroSilk technology into markets beyond those we serve ourselves,” said Remo C. Jacuzzi, chairman and CEO of Jason International. “We are pleased about the opportunity of making the therapeutic experience of MicroSilk available to a broader consumer base.”

The company’s microbubble technology supersaturates bath water with micron-sized oxygen-rich bubbles, much smaller than typical bubbles produced by traditional jetted and air baths. Microbubbles help maintain the warmth of the water, as well as offer health and beauty benefits.

“Jason International is widely known as a leader in the hydrotherapy industry through its product innovation,” said Eric Kownacki, CEO of Balboa Water Group. “MicroSilk is so unique in the bathing industry, and BWG is pleased to be Jason’s exclusive partner in helping bring the many health and wellness benefits of MicroSilk to hot tubs.”

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