Le Cordon Bleu and Dacor Partner

June 26, 2014

Le Cordon Bleu and Dacor have announced a strategic alliance designed to ensure a change in the culinary space. As part of the partnership agreement, Dacor ovens and ranges will have a Le Cordon Bleu seal of excellence insigne. Additionally, Le Cordon Bleu will feature select Dacor products in its cooking classes, demonstrations and academy kitchens.

Le Cordon Bleu believes there is value in providing students, aspiring chefs of all levels and followers with recommendations for specific kitchen appliances and other cooking tools and instruments to maximize their performance.

“As a professional chef, the tools we use are just as important as the ingredients that go into each dish,” said Yannick Anton, executive chef of Le Cordon Bleu. “So whether I’m cooking at home or in a professional kitchen, performance is paramount, and the power and precision I experienced with Dacor was second to none.”

Le Cordon Bleu master chefs recently tested numerous cooking appliance brands, including Dacor, on various evaluations such as baking, convection baking, broiling and convection roasting. The tests measured the oven’s speed and accuracy, evenness of heat distribution and the quality of dishes prepared.

“Dacor is the first and only appliance brand to be tested and recommended by the Master Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu,” said Chuck Huebner, Dacor CEO. “This alliance is the perfect pairing of two iconic brands with a rich history of celebrating culinary artistry.”
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