Lowe's and Porch.com Simplify the Search for Home Professionals

January 17, 2014

In a partnership between Lowe's and Porch.com, consumers can now connect with experienced home improvement professionals for nearly any project outside of Lowe's current installation services. The partnership is being introduced at Lowe's stores, beginning with 139 stores in North and South Carolina and the Seattle area.


Homeowners often find it necessary to use paid services, rely on word of mouth or make an uneducated guess on where to begin with projects. Now consumers simply have to search on Porch.com for the service in a designated area for professionals within that radius. 

Porch has amassed large amounts of local home improvement data, which is free for homeowners and professionals. With more than 1.5 million pros and 90 million projects in their network, Porch works to make it easy for homeowners to find professionals based on whom their neighbors have used and endorsed, real project and cost history and expert advice.

"By partnering with Porch, Lowe's can help our customers achieve their home improvement dreams by providing them with the confidence of knowing who their neighbors have used successfully and benefit our professional customers by providing them greater opportunities to grow their businesses,” said Jay Rebello, vice president of new business development and corporate innovation at Lowe's.


If a Lowe's customer needs a pro for a service Lowe's does not currently offer, employees can access the Porch network of pros on their mobile devices and in-store terminals to identify local providers. This integration will allow employees and customers to work together to find the right local pros for the job.

Additionally, Lowe's professional customers across the nation have the opportunity to join the Porch network for free, giving them exposure to Lowe's consumers in need of specific services to complete their home improvement projects.


"For millions of people, the home is the biggest investment of their lives,” said Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of Porch. “Home improvement projects are an essential part of owning or renting a home – finding the right professionals should be easy, delightful and connected.”
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