Merillat Plant Earns Green Recognition

June 01, 2011

Masco Cabinetry’s Merillat manufacturing facility in Mt. Jackson, VA, was recognized with a 2011 Virginia Governor’s Environmental Excellence Silver Award for its overall environmental stewardship program and management system.

The awards recognize the contributions of conservation leaders in three categories: environmental projects, environmental programs and land conservation. The winners were chosen based on a variety of criteria, including environmental scope, impact, management and protection, community outreach, involvement and access, and a record of compliance with environmental regulations.

“We are proud to have earned this recognition from the state Department of Environmental Quality,” said Nick Hearne, Merillat Mt. Jackson plant manager. “We are dedicated to our core principles of environmental responsibility, innovative thinking, teamwork and community partnership. We work to these standards every day and are constantly trying to raise the bar. This recognition tells us that we’re on the right track.”

The plant was acknowledged for its ISO 14001 environmental management system and for completing a wide range of projects every year to reduce the generation of hazardous waste, volatile organic compounds and solid waste.

Pictured: Merillat's CornerStore cabinets
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