NARI Introduces New Certification

May 26, 2011

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has launched a Certified Remodeler Project Management (CRPM) program designed to lay the foundation for project management and operations that retain consistent results.

The program springs from a discussion by the certification board during one of NARI’s business meetings. Association members felt that today’s remodeling companies have adapted a new style of management in which lead carpenters were taking on the job of project management. This evolution was a product of another industry trend—downsizing. “Smaller crews are forcing lead carpenters into project managers,” said Kevin Anundson, CR, CKBR, president of The OAR Group and chair of the Certification Board.

Despite this evolution of roles, lead carpenters are proficient in leading the construction process but oftentimes are not trained to handle the job of project managers. It became apparent to Anundson and the rest of the certification board that NARI should provide members the missing link and helping lead carpenters or other managers to educate themselves in the project management operations within the remodeling industry.
A committee was formed to create a new NARI certification program focused on project management for remodelers. The CRPM priorities include project planning, communication, project cost management, quality assurance, risk management and recordkeeping. The goal of the CRPM program is to better prepare participants for managing remodeling projects. The prep course will provide the knowledge and the tools to lay the foundation to operate a project from start to finish effectively.
Company owners will benefit by their employees becoming certified when they are able to quantify consistent profit margins, organize scheduling and maintain accurate budgeting, documentation and recordkeeping. “By giving my employees knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes of a project, they become an asset to me, because now they have enough knowledge to recognize mistakes that are being made or ways to make the project run more smoothly,” said Anundson.
The first Certified Remodeler Project Management course will take place in this fall. Contact Dan Taddei at for details.
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