New Lighting Education Center Unveiled

July 31, 2012

Juno Lighting Group has opened its Des Plaines, IL, lighting education center to provide architects, interior designers, lighting designers, engineers, contractors and builders with information about the changing nature of lighting technology.

The center is made up of three facilities, including the IdeaLab, which showcases Juno Lighting Group’s most recent luminaires in multiple application vignettes; the Lighting Science Room, which focuses on providing information about the principles and theories of lamp and lighting technology; and a conference center.

As light sources have evolved in the past several years, new technologies, including solid-state lighting, have emerged that offer increased energy efficiency. The IdeaLab allows visitors to compare the appearance, performance and energy savings of various incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide and LED luminaires in six different residential and retail vignettes.

The Lighting Science Room features interactive displays designed to deepen visitors’ understanding of different lamp technologies and the fundamental principles of lighting. Hands-on demonstrations illustrate the interaction of the amount, quality and distribution of light. The space also provides technology comparisons and the relationship of surface texture and color to fixture selection and placement.

For more information about lighting education programs offered through Juno Lighting Group, visit the education page on Juno’s website here. To arrange a tour of the new lighting education center, contact your local Juno Lighting Group representative.
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