Panasonic Partners for VISION House

February 23, 2012

Panasonic Home & Health Company has partnered with Green Builder Media to sponsor the VISION House, a green home exhibit, at Innoventions at Epcot, FL. The exhibit will feature two Panasonic Energy Star rated vent fans and an energy recovery ventilator to help educate visitors about the importance of indoor air quality when reducing their home’s environmental impact.

The exhibit will highlight the themes of whole-home automation, energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environment quality, security, multi-generational design, and durability. “With homes being built tighter today to conserve energy, it’s more important than ever to have proper mechanical ventilation to exhaust excess humidity, stale air, allergens and pollutants that can get trapped inside the home,” said Anita So, marketing manager, Panasonic Home & Environment Company. “At Panasonic, we are committed to educating consumers on how ventilation plays a significant role in the home, and the VISION House is a perfect way to tell that story in a fun and engaging manner.”

Panasonic’s energy efficient WhisperGreen, WhisperComfort and WhisperWall ventilation fans are featured in the bath, laundry room and studio, allowing visitors to see mechanical ventilation in action and learn how the fans are working to exhaust unwanted indoor pollutants, odors and moisture that can cause structural damage and impact the occupants’ health.

For more information about Innoventions, click here.
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