SieMatic Hits the Road

September 27, 2011

SieMatic has joined forces with Arizona Cabinet Pros to hit the road in a semi-trailer truck that showcases kitchen displays in ISO shipping containers. The displays will roll into approximately 31 metropolitan areas that are largely void of showrooms with kitchens.

The concept is the brainchild of Troy Young, owner and operator of Arizona Cabinet Pros, who proposed the idea to SieMatic to add mobility and more flexibility in design and to introduce a new way to display kitchens in contrast to conventional showroom settings.

“The advantage of the mobile container showroom is not only the flexibility in terms of location mobility, but also the ability to more easily rotate brands, styles and products as trends and market demands necessitate change,” said Young.  Other brands in addition to SieMatic will also be incorporated so that selection can be tailored more precisely to purchasing patterns within specific regional demographics.

“People are asking for luxury kitchens,” said Young. “They’ve seen SieMatic in other parts of the country and they want local access. They want the level of quality, style and innovation that SieMatic offers, but it’s not available in their small market.”

“This is an immense, ground-floor opportunity for SieMatic to penetrate areas that are yet untapped, as well as to establish a stronger presence in second-tier metropolitan markets,” said Hans Henkes, general manager of SieMatic Möbelwerke USA.

The mobile showroom initiative will kick off showcasing the SieMatic S2 Laminate kitchen at the Tucson, AZ, Chapter of AIA in late September. The tour of the SieMatic S2 will continue to Texas for stops in Austin and then in San Antonio. Once the mobile showroom has visited all of the metropolitan areas in the second-tier market, a new display will be installed and taken to the road again.
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