Smith & Fong Introduces Soy-Based Adhesive

November 02, 2011

Smith & Fong has introduced a soy-based, formaldehyde-free adhesive system in all of its PlybooPure flooring, PlybooSport sports flooring lines, as well as its range of PlybooPure urea-formaldehyde-free bamboo plywood products.

“We now have very healthy inventory of our SoyBond bamboo flooring and plywood products here in North America,” said Dan Smith, Smith & Fong president and founder. “We’ve spent the better part of two years refining our manufacturing processes to adapt to a soy-based adhesive system developed by our partner Ashland Inc. that is based on their Soyad adhesive technology.”

Smith & Fong began experimenting with the soy-based adhesive technology in 2008. In addition to different handling procedures and protocols for working with the adhesive, new presses and application equipment were needed for the successful conversion of the soy-based system. “Now that we have converted our PlybooPure flooring and plywood lines to the soy-based adhesive, our mission is to move all our manufacturing to the new system,” said Smith.

Smith & Fong’s SoyBond bamboo flooring and bamboo plywood products all pass the California Section 01350 testing and are eligible for LEED IEQc 4.3 and IEQc 4.4 respectively.

Pictured: Cippola Residence, Phoenix, AZ
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