Survey Reveals Family Cooking Influences Healthy Eating

July 22, 2013

According to a nationwide survey commissioned by LG Electronics, more than nine in 10 parents confirm that after cooking with their kids in the kitchen, their children have a better understanding and appreciation for healthy foods and eating.

The survey captures how parents are engaging their children in the kitchen to help families discover new ways of saving time and using mealtime as an enjoyable and teachable experience. More than 40 percent of parents state the most important reason they cook with their kids is to teach them an important life skill, followed by spending quality time together. The survey also reveals that more than a quarter (28 percent) of parents cited time and amount of preparation as the top barrier to cooking more often with their children, followed closely by time and the amount of cleanup involved (23 percent). 

"Helping in the kitchen teaches useful skills that will last long past dinnertime, whether learning healthy eating habits, understanding the importance of kitchen upkeep and organization and practicing food safety," said James Fishler, senior vice president, marketing, LG Electronics USA.  "LG strives to deliver products that make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable – from French-door refrigerators that offer quick 'door-in-door' access to commonly used food items to new technologies like Easy Clean that cuts oven-cleaning time from hours to minutes. LG appliances are designed to provide better results, save time and energy – and give you the confidence that it's all possible."  

LG's Executive Chef Peter Thornhill added, "Cooking breakfast with my dad every Saturday shaped my childhood experience and ultimately helped me choose a career path in the culinary arts. I was lucky enough to catch the cooking bug at an early age, but for those parents who may struggle to motivate their kids in the kitchen, there are so many simple and fun tasks that will give them the opportunity to see, feel and taste their creations and inspire them to continue to take an active role in the cooking process."
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