TOTO and Villeroy & Boch Announce Alliance

May 07, 2012

TOTO and Villeroy & Boch have announced a sales alliance where all Villeroy & Boch USA bath products available to the North American market will be sold through the distribution and sales channels of TOTO USA.  

The agreement includes a complete range of products, such as toilets, decorative lavatories and washbasins, tubs, showers, accessories, vanities and bath furniture. For TOTO USA's distributors and kitchen and bath showrooms, the alliance will provide the opportunity to add Villeroy & Boch USA products to their businesses.

As is the case with TOTO USA products, Villeroy & Boch USA products are available only to the trade, and the two brands will be positioned to complement each other in showrooms. Distributors and showrooms selling both brands will enjoy economies of scale on freight, service and support by combining Villeroy & Boch USA orders with their TOTO USA orders.

Villeroy & Boch USA customers can continue to order products through its New Jersey facilities until August 31, 2012. Starting July 1, however, its products will also be available through TOTO USA. As of September 1, 2012, all Villeroy & Boch USA products will be sold through TOTO USA only.

"This is likely to be one of the most interesting sales alliances we've ever seen in our industry in North America, and I know that both brands, as well as our broad network of distributors and showrooms, will be eager to get it started with a lot of momentum," said David Krakoff, senior VP—Americas, sales division, TOTO USA. "Our customers are very tuned-in to how to be successful in the premium segment of the market, and they will see this TOTO USA/Villeroy & Boch USA alliance as an attractive and highly desirable step. It's a unique offering that no one else can match."

"This sales alliance gives Villeroy & Boch USA immediate access to a broad customer base and offers excellent synergies in sales, service, and logistics,” said Michael Swan, president of Americas, bathroom and wellness division, Villeroy & Boch USA. “I am convinced that it will be very effective for both companies—TOTO USA and Villeroy & Boch USA equally. It's a win-win situation for everyone.”
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