TOTO is Shipping Carbon Neutral

July 05, 2010

TOTO USA has expanded its sustainable logistics initiatives by adding UPS’s new carbon neutral shipping program to its supply chain. By incorporating the shipping program, TOTO can offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of its small package shipments within the U.S.  

UPS’s carbon neutral shipping program is verified and certified by independent third-party testing companies, and TOTO expects to ship 75,000 carbon neutral packages in the first year.

TOTO continues to reduce its carbon footprint in its five North American plants and the more than 80 manufacturing facilities around the world. “TOTO’s passionate commitment to environmental stewardship began with its incorporation in Japan nearly one hundred years ago: it is part of our DNA,” said Lenora Campos, Ph.D., TOTO spokesperson. “Our dedication to protecting the planet’s natural resources is at the heart of everything we do, from product design to manufacturing to logistics. We use less and recycle more than any other plumbing manufacturer. TOTO is proud to be the first company worldwide to incorporate UPS’s carbon neutral initiative into our small package supply chain.”

The new UPS program buys offsets on TOTO’s behalf, which financially support environmentally responsible projects. These projects include reforestation, wastewater treatment, methane destruction and landfill gas destruction, among others, and help mitigate the effect of TOTO’s shipping on the environment.

To highlight this new aspect of their partnership, TOTO and UPS have collaborated on a multimedia case study, which explores TOTO’s history of sustainability and the new collaboration between the long-time partners on carbon neutral shipping with UPS’s program. To view the video case study, click here.

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