TapPainter App Introduces Instant Color Visualization

By Erinn Waldo
April 25, 2014

MDi Touch, Inc. has introduced an iPad App designed to visualize any color paint in a room. Paired with an expanding list of brand name paints or custom color selections, the app detects room edges and analyzes color and exact lighting conditions to show what a room would look like after painting.

A series of algorithms in the app use edge detection and color analysis to select a region of a wall, since this typically gives a good approximation of the wall region. The accuracy of the wall detection feature depends on the lighting, so a customized shape feature is offered.

                                                   TapPainter's Prediction

After selecting the wall, a user can mix their own paint using two options. With the color picker, three rings allow for differences in hue, saturation and brightness, with a triangle in the center to mark the selection. The user can also pick a paint color from a fan deck of brands, which include companies like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar and AFM. Ralph Lauren and Farrow and Ball are expected to join the palettes as well.

                                                  Actual Repainted Wall

The algorithms then detect the original color within the selected region. TapPainter is the only software available with this capability, particularly with dark rooms. Once the color is selected, a user can tap the marker and watch the walls take on the new color. Recolored images can be compared with a simple left or right click, and all of the options can be displayed at once through a recent images screen.

"TapPainter is the only virtual room painter that preserves the rooms' color gradients and adjusts the color brightness based on the rooms lighting conditions,” says Mark Lichman, CEO and Founder of MDi Touch. “This is what makes it the most accurate."


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