Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen on a Budget

March 31, 2014

The average minor kitchen remodel in the U.S. now exceeds $18,500, and the price tag of a major kitchen remodel is nearly $54,000. However, young homeowners and first-time homebuyers typically can’t spend that kind of money.

To offer design tips for the budget conscious, four Millennial designers from GE Appliances – Tomas DeLuna, Elliott Koehler, Anjuli Calvert and Sally Pipkin – have shared their “remodeling on a budget” ideas for handy homeowners.

“People remodel for a lot of different reasons,” said Tomas DeLuna. “Maybe they’ve purchased a fixer-upper or want a kitchen that better reflects their taste. Maybe their kitchen is just outdated and needs to function in a more modern way. With some simple changes, you can make an incredible impact.”

The GE’s designers suggest for a kitchen remodel under $1,700:

Start with a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering. When counters and floor space are clean, rooms look larger.
Strip old wallpaper and roll primer over dated paint colors. Put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling, walls and trim. Sally Pipkin advises homeowners to limit the palette to white, black, the popular grays, earthen colors and bronze or other metallic colors. Then, make the whole kitchen pop with bright accessories. If existing cabinets are in good shape, sand, prime and paint them. Estimated total cost for primer, paint and supplies is $250.
Replace old drawer knobs and door handles. Estimated cost for new mid-priced cabinet hardware is $130.
Update overhead lighting fixtures, install undercabinet lighting and add new pendant lights over the kitchen’s island, breakfast bar or pub table and chairs. Elliott Koehler notes that homeowners should pay particular attention to creating zones of light and make the best use of the intensity of light in the kitchen. Estimated lighting cost for fixtures and bulbs is $400.

DeLuna was recently challenged with designing a stylish and affordable line of appliances for younger consumers. “We designed the GE Artistry Series to provide the look consumers want and the features they need – all at a price they can afford,” said DeLuna. An electric or gas range from the line is approximately $649, and an over-the-range microwave is $239.

For a budget of about $5,000, homeowners could do all of the things outlined above, as well as add in additional appliances. A new laminate floor ($700) and a subway-tile backsplash ($750) can add the final finishes.
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