Two Bathroom Concepts Unveiled at the NYC GROHE Showroom

June 27, 2014

Grohe recently hosted an event at its showroom in New York City to debut two conceptual bathroom installations by Ghislaine Viñas and Slade Architecture. The designers and Grohe’s design SVP, Paul Flowers, were part of a panel discussion at the event before the installations were unveiled. 

Both designers/firms created fresh, differing perspectives on how they feel the role the bathroom will play in living environments in the future. Ghislaine’s perspective is one of bright, artistic vision, and Slade views the bathroom as a technological oasis. Both see the room as a sanctuary in private homes – a place for the homeowner to regroup and recharge. 

Ghislaine Viñas: A Drop in the Bucket (shown above)

Having lived in the Netherlands and South Africa, designer Ghislaine Viñas was influenced by the presence of water in her society, as it was a luxury. She focused on bold, bright blues and a nod to the patterns of Africa and the Ndbele tribe, as well as color inspiration from Dutch Delft blue. She captured several movements in living: color, pattern, personalization and sustainable-mindedness through water conservation. 


A Drop in the Bucket
Fabrication and installation: SITU Studio 

With assistance from: SilverLining Interiors

Wallpaper: Flavor Paper

GROHE Faucet: Allure

Slade Architecture: A Mirror in the Bathroom (below)

In the future, high-density urban living will be the norm for many, while personal space will become even more precious and compact. The bathroom, will play a critical role in allowing for much-needed moments of escape, relaxation and rejuvenation. The strictly functional role of the bathroom as a hygiene space will evolve to become a psychological oasis. Slade Architecture presented the bathroom as retreat, allowing technology to create an immersive and escapist environment that is visually engaging, incorporating moving images of nature.


A Mirror in the Bathroom
Fabrication and installation: SITU Studio 

Audio/visual: Mannic Media 

Video: Ana Slade

GROHE Faucet: Allure F-Digital

These installations will be featured in the Grohe showroom through July. 

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