Watermark Designs Brings on New Team of Representatives

April 30, 2012

Watermark Designs recently began upgrading its outside sales force with the hiring of several new manufacturer representative firms that focus on high-end luxury products.

“We are not making changes for changes sake,” said Jody Rosenberg, president, sales and marketing of Watermark Designs. “We take a very analytical approach to how we run our business and when we looked at our needs over the long term, some changes did have to be made. We are partnering with luxury showrooms in all territories at a very rapid pace and we need to make sure that we have the best representation possible in every section of the country.”

The three new rep firms are ST Sales, Riverstone and EBM. EBM is headed by John Kenny and his firm covers Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio. ST Sales, headed by Steve Toor, covers New York, and Riverstone Inc. is the manufacturer sales representative for Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Management at Watermark Designs is taking a new approach with its manufacturer rep firms by looking for firms that are fully committed to the luxury decorative plumbing and hardware industry. One of the requirements for any rep firm who will be working with Watermark Designs is that they become members of the DPHA trade organization as a symbol of their commitment.

“We believe our customers are better served by reps who know the industry inside and out, and one of the ways to do that is to become as involved as possible,” said Rosenberg.
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