Web Savvy: Ed Cholfin, CAPS, PMP

The president of AK Complete Home Renovations shares his insight...
By Alice Liao
March 20, 2013

Where are you geographically?
I’m in Marietta, GA (Metro Atlanta).

Where are you professionally?
I am the president of AK Complete Home Renovations. I’m a kitchen and bath designer, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), a Project Management Professional and an EPA-certified renovator.

What is your Twitter handle?

Are you on Facebook?

Whom do you follow on Twitter?
I follow: @slsconstruction, @statewideremod, @talv58, @buildingmoxie, @leahthayer, @neildesignbuild, @paul_anater and thousands of others!

Is there someone you wish would follow you?
Maybe some Atlanta-based celebrities who need to remodel, but no, not really!

What do you do on Twitter? And Facebook?
We spread our message of remodeling expertise and home trends and showcase our projects and client feedback!

How often are you on Twitter? Facebook?
Multiple times each day!

How often do you update on both?
Multiple times each day!

What are three favorite work-related blogs and/or websites you read regularly?
Hometalk.com, Houzz.com, D5r – Leah Thayer, Building Moxie Blog, Professional Remodeler and K+BB.

Do you have a blog?
We do have a blog—http://blog.akatlanta.com—and we also do guest blog posts for others. We write about anything and everything home and family related. Most of our articles have to do with kitchens and baths.

What kind of phone do you have?
I have a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Do you like it? If not, what kind of phone would you rather have?
Yes, it’s very fast with two processors. It also multitasks so I can talk and read at the same time.

What do you use your phone for?
I use the Samsung Galaxy S II to email, make client and personal calls, keep track of dates on the calendar, take pictures—pretty much everything!

Are there any work-related or non-work-related apps you can no longer live without?
I use the level on my phone all the time. The flashlight also comes in very handy for inspecting work. I also use Dropbox and Evernote for showing customer projects and designs.

Do you have an iPad? What do you use it for?
Yes! I use it for showing pictures of work, design ideas, client presentations and letters of intent, as well as during contract discussions.

How much time during a week do you spend on social media?
The company spends more than eight hours a week on social media.

Is this problematic?
It’s not problematic—it’s our advertising and our social outreach. This is the majority of where our SEO comes from and where we make connections that lead to prospects.
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