Web Savvy: Nick Lovelady

An Alabama-based designer talks industry rock stars, Twitter and iPhone apps
By Alice Liao
June 27, 2012

Where are you geographically?
The heart of Dixie! Our shop is in Sylacauga, AL, but I’ll happily go wherever eager contract signers are ready to put pen to paper.

Where are you professionally?
Being a proud second-generation cabinet guy, I got a huge dose of sawdust in my veins at an early age. My siblings and I built some impressive semi-custom cabinet box forts as kids. Now I’m the principal at Cupboards Kitchen & Bath. Fortunately, Dad is still around to tell me when I’m out of line.

Are you on Twitter? What is your Twitter handle?

Are you on Facebook?
No. I know, I know, I’m a holdout. How can I be web-savvy without Facebook? I’ve found that Twitter and LinkedIn—especially professionally—as well as Google+ are better ways to connect with me.

Whom do you follow on Twitter?
Industry rock stars, mostly. How awesome is it to have a direct line to the top designers in the kitchen and bath industry, award-winning architects, builders, contractors, painters and industry innovators? Aside from that, sports and food dominate my stream (and a few snarkish mommy bloggers). I could never list them all, but several may or may not have paid me to mention them. They were mostly PR people though.

Do you know who’s following you?
All of my followers are good-looking, creative and smart. Those not following me are, well, just not following me.

But big brands need to collectively wake up and get on board. Social media can no longer be left to interns. Legit designers (and customers) communicate this way. Do you want to leave the face of your company to chance? Follow influential designers and industry pros and interact with them.

What do you do on Twitter?
I share blog posts and interesting finds, but mostly just chat. If someone says hello to me on Twitter, I say hello back. You’re talking to the real me, in real time. I do a pretty good job editing what I say online, but the voice one “sees” on Twitter is the real me…without the Southern accent, of course.

How often are you on Twitter?
Whenever it’s convenient. I do have to work some, ya know? My best Twitter moments are usually when I’m in line at the supermarket, waiting to have my oil changed, or when I’m stalled for a few moments while traveling. I try not to measure my social media in terms of time; connections make it worthwhile.

How often do you update?
It’s very varied. Common social media etiquette says one should be regular, but I’m not. I may go a couple of days without tweeting and then you may want to unfollow me because I won’t stop on another day.

Lovelady designed this kitchen for a client he met through social media. Photography (above & top right): © Lacy, ModernSauce

What work-related blogs or websites do you read regularly?
Bob Borson’s Life of an Architect, Kelly Morriseau’s Kitchen Sync and Arne Salvesen’s Useful Spaces and many, many more. On top of each being brilliant at their craft, I am thankful to consider each a dear friend. And a special shout out to my blog daddy, Paul Anater (Kitchen and Residential Design). He was doing this way before most of us even knew what it was.

What do you read for kicks?
I never miss a post from ModernSauce or The Bearded Iris. It’s pure literary hilarity. If you have sensitive eyes, wear eye muffs. Curbly is my other fun site to read. They’re nice to me even if I do whatever it takes to keep the DIY universe in check.

Do you have a blog?
I do—cupboardsonline.com, casually referred to as the Cupboards Blog. I’ll post about anything, but it’s mainly inspiring designs, unique spaces, oddities and the occasional recipe.

What kind of phone do you have and do you like it?
iPhone4 (time to upgrade). Love it. I was a serious crackberry addict for a long time and, at the advice of friends, took the plunge. I couldn’t imagine going back.

What do you use your phone for?
Everything. I’m almost brave enough to travel without another device. There’s very little this phone can’t do.

What apps have you downloaded?
Instagram, Hootsuite, Urbanspoon, and I love the game SimplePhysics. Work calls for GoodReader, EverNote , Living Room, ConvertBot, MyMeasures, Paper Desk, 360 Panorama. I also have a vastly underused MyFitnessPal.

Do you have an iPad? What do you use it for?
Yes. I use it for most of the above apps, especially the work apps.

How much time during a week do you spend on social media?
Enough to be dangerous.

Is this problematic?
Not yet. Follow me on Twitter and see how it works out.

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