What Goes With That?: Blanco’s Biscotti Silgranit II

Four industry professionals choose complementary products to a warm neutral-toned sink
September 13, 2010

What surfaces go with a warm neutral sink? Blanco’s Design Council, a group of kitchen designers who also blog, were recently surveyed on which countertop surfaces they would match with Blanco’s new Silgranit II Biscotti color. It’s an interesting question that—as expected—offered up an even more interesting response. The designers varied in colors from lights to darks and in materials from CaesarStone to wood to slate.

“Biscotti is an earthy, natural color that coordinates well with today’s popular solid-surfaced countertops and tiled backsplashes,” said Tim Maicher, director of marketing for Blanco. “The current trend leans to natural earth tones that give warmth. These new neutrals are softer than the traditional caramel and complement a wide range of surfaces as our survey demonstrated.”

Following are four suggestions on what goes with Silgranit II biscotti:

Susan Serra, CKD

“It’s a rich color, biscotti! I’ll go the glam route and recommend one of my favorite surfaces: Black Lace slate. It’s at once rustic and glossy, and the biscotti surface is a perfect counterpoint, which makes each surface pop. This combination also offers an interesting cool/warm shade combination. The contrast of light and dark colors can be designed into surrounding decorative elements, perhaps varying the shades a bit.”
Paul Anatar

“I’d love to see a biscotti Silgranit II sink paired with either CaesarStone 6350, chocolate truffle (top) counter or a counter made made from CaearStone 4120, raven (bottom). The neutral tone of Blanco biscotti looks terrific when paired with another, near-neutral counter material.”
Leslie Clagett

“I’d like to see a biscotti-colored sink paired with a wooden counter fabricated of Edge Grain Burmese Teak from Grothouse Lumber.”
Cheryl Kees Clendenon

“I love CasesarStone’s buttermilk with the biscotti sink, although I have recently used it with antracite also. I usually pair the sink to the top and not the other way around!”

Editor’s note: We love this idea of asking designers for their opinions on complementary products so much that we’re turning this into a series (thanks to Lori Dolnick, of Frank Advertising!). For suggestions on products to showcase, email Alice Liao or, if you're a designer, become a member of the K+BB Designers Network on LinkedIn.
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