What's Trending in Tile

By Lori Dolnick
May 16, 2013

Aparici’s Moving offers a clean, updated vintage look; something old made new again

Influences are everywhere for the spaces we create today − fashion, upholstery, wallpaper, furniture, media and even electronics all must relate to each other in our spaces and uniquely embody the current style of the client. With so many indicators to track, it can be difficult to hone in on the style and colors that define the coming year for tile. Fortunately, Tile of Spain technical consultant Ryan Fasan has done that for us. Fasan presented his view of tile trends and the Complimentary Paradigm − the way things fit together − at Coverings 2013.

Colors – hot and cold

Paints, wallcoverings, carpets and the like follow trends to the letter, while ceramics tend to interpret them in a timeless fashion. This year’s tile color trends include black and white, chilled-out cool tones, contrasting red and metallic.      

Keraben’s Madeira is shown in a cool grey; grey being the most popular neutral tone for 2013

Vintage patterns and well-loved looks

Advanced ink-jet technology lets us take vintage patterns and freeze them in time for a weathered look that stays weathered. By contrast, some vintage looks have been refreshed to represent today’s transitional and eclectic styles.

                    Tau’s Grafiti reinterprets wood grain to create a hip graffiti look

           EZARRI’s Kir Royal mixes metallics for a dramatic backsplash effect

Textures add depth

No longer are tiles just flat on the wall or floor. They have depth and movement to them. Designers even use dimensional curves to add lighting effects.

                Grespania’s Java plays with nature in this metallic, textured tile

             Porcelanosa’s ONA adds texture and dimension to this sophisticated bath
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